"Star Wars Day" Date Night

May The Fourth Be With You! 

Star Wars Day Date Night

The Menu (see below for shopping list)

·         Emperor Palpatine Salad (Caesar salad)

·         Chewbacca’s Chili Dogs (Hot dogs topped with chili and toppings)

·         Starfighter French Fries (French fries)

·         Grogu’s Grog (2 liters Lemon-lime soda mixed with 2 quarts lime sherbet)

Conversation Starter’s

1.       Explain why your spouse is out of this galaxy.

2.       If you could be any Star Wars character, who would you be and why?

3.       Do any of our marital conflicts resemble the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire?  If so, why and what can we do to bring peace and resolution to those conflicts?

4.       In the original Star Wars Trilogy, Yoda is the Jedi Master that trains Luke.  Who can be our “Jedi Master” to mentor and teach us as we grow in our marriage?

The Night’s Activities

Pick any one of the Star Wars movies or shows to watch together.  Need some ideas? Check out www.starwars.com. Disney Plus just premiered a new show on the fourth, titled The Bad Batch. Here’s an article listing all the ways you can watch a Star Wars movie How to Watch Star Wars.

Now that you know what you’re going to watch, before you start watching, pick four characters from the movie or show you’ve chosen for a Meme Scavenger Hunt.  You are both going to find one meme for each of the characters you’ve picked.  You have four minutes, the first to find one meme for each character wins control of the remote for the night.  In the case of a tie play Rock, Paper Scissors…Now with the Force.  Directions with pictures can be found here Star Wars Rock, Paper Scissors.

Now settle in for the flick, but there is one stipulation, every time there’s a battle, stop and kiss your spouse.  You decide on the type and length of the kiss.  My hubby suggests a four-minute passionate kiss each time.

Want to take your date night out of this galaxy?  Add one or all of these little extras.

For dessert, serve

·         Freeze-driedice cream

·         Where I live, you can get Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream; these are fun too.  See if you have one near you. https://www.dippindots.com/

·         Milky Way bar

·         Moon Pies

Make lightsabers and have a duel.  You can find many pool noodle lightsaber DIY instructions online.  No time, check out this one DIY Lightsaber Or this video Foam Noodle Lightsaber (I love that Ray Pajar is so exact, and he makes his sabers so you can use them in the pool.)  I love this idea, so much fun!  My husband, I have had many different date nights, including one with a marshmallow gun but never a lightsaber duel.  I can’t wait to try this out.

Finally, spice up your bedroom with some glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling and walls.  Check your local craft or general merchandise store, and there’s always Amazon.  If you don’t want to permanently stick them to your ceiling or walls, use sticky-tac so they can be removed easily.

Star Wars Day Shopping list

·         Caesar salad kit

·         Hot dogs

·         Hot dog buns

·         Canned chili

·         Toppings – these can include

o   Shredded cheese

o   Nacho sauce

o   Green onion chopped

o   Onions chopped

o   Jalapeños sliced

o   Banana peppers sliced

o   Pickle slices or diced

o   Ketchup, mustard & hot sauce

o   Relish

o   Sauerkraut

o   Fritos

·         French Fries

·         Lemon/Lime soda 2 liters

·         Lime sherbet 2 quarts

I would love to hear from you!  Tell me how your date night went, leave a comment, and visit me on Instagram @hattiewit to let me know.


I get no compensation from any of the linked sites above.  I chose the sites based on the information provided or the ease of instructions.  My goal is to make date night as easy and affordable as possible.  Shout out to Ray Pajar at #GetCraftyCrafty for great instructions!


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