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When are we officially grown up?   When exactly does it happen?   After highs school?   After college?   After we get married?   After we buy a house and have a job?  What happens if you never accomplish any of those things?   What exactly is the definition of grown-up? says grown-up:   adjective 1.   having reached the age of maturity.   2.   characteristic of or suitable for adults: grown-up behavior; grown-up fiction.   Honestly, what does that mean?   What is the age of maturity and who decides when one has reached this age? Aren’t we continually growing up?   I think the day we die is the day we stop growing up.   If we are realistic about things aren’t we always growing, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally?   Do we really stop learning new things, connecting with others, aging, or making a spiritual connection at a certain point in life?   Isn’t life about changing and growing?   But, when exactly are we considered by the rest of the world, grow

Rollercoaster?! Merry-Go-Round?!

There are certain movies that I watch once a year at specific times, like Christmas or during Lent etc.   However, there is one that I think I need to add to my repertoire, and just commit to watching at least once a year, during particularly stressful times in my life.   If you’ve read my very first blog post , you know that I came about my blog title through stress and chaos.   If you’ve poked around my site I’m sure you’ve noticed that my blog is more about messes, stress and chaos then peace and calm.   While I crave peace and calm and strive for it, the reality is that I often live more in mess, stress and chaos. This year has been more chaotic and stressful than others.   It’s not any one thing per say, it’s been lots of little things that have been adding up.   This week in particular has been very stressful and eventful.   Tonight, I just sort of shut down.   I came home took a long, detoxifying shower, and then soaked in an Epsom salt, lavender bath with a mask on my face

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation

I officially started this morning, maybe you'd like to join me. Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You Dr. Oz is challenging America to get healthy (and win $1 million).