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Twas' the Night Before Christmas Eve

Tonight has not been a good night.   I’m way behind, have tons to do and not even close to being ready for tomorrow, Christmas Eve!   My family went to dinner this evening; I stayed behind to finish up some shopping.   I arrived at the garage door, arms full of packages, my family was already home.   At the door I heard what sounded like screaming and horsing around.   When the Middle Child opened the door for me, I was overwhelmed!   My husband’s childhood Christmas tree, which we have used for years and years was on the floor with ornaments all around it.   Earlier in the month I told the kids “this Christmas tree is on its last leg, I don’t think it’s going to make it after this year”.   I guess I was wrong it didn’t make it through this year.   The wooden pole that held all the branches snapped in two.   My brother the Stuntman was over and of course had a movie quote appropriate for the moment.   After the Director said “yep the wood snapped” without missing a beat, the Stuntman

Are Your Ready?!

Christmas is almost here, are you ready?  Not only am I not ready in the worldly sense (shopping, house clean, wrapping, food bought and prepared, favorite movies watched etc.), I am really not ready in the spiritual sense.  Almost every year I vow that this will be the year I really prepare during advent, for the coming of our savior.  Almost every year I start out with a bang and quickly go down hill.  This year I didn't even start with a pop, let alone a bang.  I am really not in the Christmas spirit and I'm feeling very uninspired. Of course I have guilt about my feelings for so many reasons, the biggest being that there are so many people in the world that are suffering, right now.  Me, I'm just cranky and uninspired.  I am truly blessed with a great family and wonderful friends.  I have a fairly, lovely, roof over my head, clothes to wear, and enough food for a three day Christmas feast.  So why do I feel so cranky and disconnected?!  I could say that part of it i

Fake, Fraud, Farce

One of my favorite holiday movies is Christmas in Connecticut . While I’ve seen the one from 1992, my favorite is the one made in 1945 starring Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan . In the movie Elizabeth Lane played by Barbara Stanwyck has the original old fashioned blog, she’s a famous journalist, and she is one of the country’s leading food writers.   Her column runs in a nationally syndicated woman’s magazine.   In her columns she describes her perfect Connecticut farm life, married with a child, and boasts of her excellent cooking.   She posts her recipes for all to try.   She’s appears to be the Martha Stewart of the forties.   But, the truth is she is a single New Yorker, living in a one room apartment and she can’t even boil water.   All of her wonderful recipes come from her dear, uncle figure, friend, Felix, owner of a renowned restaurant. The war hero Jefferson Jones played by Dennis Morgan is recovering from several days stranded at sea.   His nur

Three Ring Circus

Most of my family (minus the Middle Child) was sick from the Friday before Thanksgiving through now (a couple are still sick).   In hopes that we would still have our annual Thanksgiving celebration at our house, I trudged through my head cold.   I did all the activities that I normally would, to get ready, less the food buying and preparing.   I figured if we miraculously recovered I would shop and prepare the day before our celebration, scheduled for the Saturday evening after Thanksgiving, because of work schedules. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I had a 12:30 doctors appointment.   I awoke to the Middle Child complaining of a stomach ache and headache.   “GREAT!”   I thought we all had colds, not stomach stuff.   I figured we would all get that next.   In hopes of keeping my appointment, and so that I wouldn’t have to pay the cancellation fee, I urged the Middle Child to go back to bed and rest. Here’s the thing about the Middle Child when she’s sick:        A:  

Thanksgiving Letters to Your Children Or Anyone Else For That Matter

My dear friend Susan has a blog .  Two years ago she posted a wonderful suggestion, as Thanksgiving approaches, write a letter of thanksgiving to your children.  She is very specific on what to write, I love that, as it makes it much easier to take on the task.  I took her advice two years ago.  Oldest was attending the National Catholic Youth Conference , we were asked to write a letter to our child, that they would read on the plane.  I used Susan's model for my letter. Two years have gone by and I had forgotten about the letter and the model until again Oldest and now the Organized Child and the Director are attending the National Catholic Youth Conference .  This time we were not asked to write letters but I remembered what I had done in 2009 and wanted to do it again.  I revisited Susan's blog  and again used her model.  As I re-read over it I felt it was important to share her post with everyone, with her permission I have reposted it below. I challenge you to take so


When are we officially grown up?   When exactly does it happen?   After highs school?   After college?   After we get married?   After we buy a house and have a job?  What happens if you never accomplish any of those things?   What exactly is the definition of grown-up? says grown-up:   adjective 1.   having reached the age of maturity.   2.   characteristic of or suitable for adults: grown-up behavior; grown-up fiction.   Honestly, what does that mean?   What is the age of maturity and who decides when one has reached this age? Aren’t we continually growing up?   I think the day we die is the day we stop growing up.   If we are realistic about things aren’t we always growing, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally?   Do we really stop learning new things, connecting with others, aging, or making a spiritual connection at a certain point in life?   Isn’t life about changing and growing?   But, when exactly are we considered by the rest of the world, grow

Rollercoaster?! Merry-Go-Round?!

There are certain movies that I watch once a year at specific times, like Christmas or during Lent etc.   However, there is one that I think I need to add to my repertoire, and just commit to watching at least once a year, during particularly stressful times in my life.   If you’ve read my very first blog post , you know that I came about my blog title through stress and chaos.   If you’ve poked around my site I’m sure you’ve noticed that my blog is more about messes, stress and chaos then peace and calm.   While I crave peace and calm and strive for it, the reality is that I often live more in mess, stress and chaos. This year has been more chaotic and stressful than others.   It’s not any one thing per say, it’s been lots of little things that have been adding up.   This week in particular has been very stressful and eventful.   Tonight, I just sort of shut down.   I came home took a long, detoxifying shower, and then soaked in an Epsom salt, lavender bath with a mask on my face

Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation

I officially started this morning, maybe you'd like to join me. Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You Dr. Oz is challenging America to get healthy (and win $1 million).

Grateful Heart Prayer

I found this wonderful prayer that I absolutely need to pray daily!  Maybe you need it to.  I started reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp awhile ago, this prayer reminds me that I truly need to get back to it, and back to my gratitude journal.   Gratitude for all of our blessings can change your attitude and perspective so much. Lord, thank you for this sink of dirty dishes; we have plenty of good food to eat. Thank you for this pile of dirty, stinky laundry; we have plenty of nice clothes to wear. And I would like to thank you, Lord, for those unmade beds; they were so warm and comfortable last night.   I know that many have no bed. My thanks to you, Lord, for this bathroom, complete with all the splattered mirrors, soggy, grimy towels and dirty lavatory; they are so convenient. Thank you for this finger-smudged refrigerator that needs cleaning.  It has served us faithfully for many years.   It is full of cold drinks and enough leftovers for two or three meals.

Prayer of Mothers

Life has been very crazy at our house lately.  We have had some challenges pop up and getting back in the swing of things with school has kept me very busy.  To be honest, I've been pretty tired at the end of the day and this has led to writers block.  While searching for something to post this evening, I came across a prayer I had saved.  I'm not sure where I got it from and a quick search of the internet, lists it on several sites, but no where is it sited who wrote it or where it came from originally.  I felt that it was the perfect prayer for me right now.  I wanted to share it with you, it is not my intent, to not give credit to the author, I just haven't found who the author is.  I hope it speaks to you that way it spoke to me. Prayer of Mothers Father in heaven; grant me the grace to appreciate the dignity which you have conferred on me.   Let me realize that not even the Angels have been blessed with such a privilege— to share in your creative miracle and bring

The Change Eater

Due to lack of time and an overloaded plate, I thought that I would share a past account of my day August 2, 1999.   The names have been changed from my original story, as has certain verbiage in order to make it acceptable to post publicly.   And so you know, I was given permission from the Oldest to share this story in full with you. August 2, 1999 - I am frantically trying to get ready to go to Dallas this week, while recovering from Jet Lag from last week.   The kids have a terrible cough, so I figure I better take them to the doctors before I leave them while I'm in Dallas , especially since I had pneumonia three weeks ago.   So I am getting ready to go to the doctors, paying late bills, when Oldest aka The Chaser, says MOMMMM!   The Organized Child aka The Change Eater just swallowed a quarter!   My head proceeds to explode, as I give her the third degree.   Are you sure it was a quarter and not a penny? I ask.   OH NO! it was a big quarter.   To the phone, I begin to