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Lately my heart has been heavy to the point of breaking.   There is so much pain and suffering, meanness and ugliness, violence and hatred in the world.   I’ve written before that life is hard and just when I think it can’t get harder or more complicated it does.   It always seems like I’m being pelted with snowballs and I have no snow to return fire with.   The wind is knocked out of me and before I catch my breath another follows quicker than the last. I’m not just speaking about the mess and chaos in my life, I’m talking about the rest of life, the part that happens out beyond my front door, beyond my neighborhood, beyond my community, beyond my town, beyond my state or even my country.   Although for the first time massive violence happened not just in my state and town but my own backyard, right next to one of my doctors’ offices and shopping plazas.   Not once but two days in a row. As it unfolded I felt as if I couldn’t breathe.   I didn’t personally know anyone wh