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Valentine's Day Part 4

Back to my dilemma, this year I guess it’s a case of bad timing.   Valentine’s Day came at the wrong time or maybe it’s the fight that came at the wrong time.   Either way I’m not feeling overly lovey or connected and I don’t feel like giving a mushy card!   So, what to do?   Well, after some long thought and reading some more stuff on the subject of “act-as-if” I’ve learned, and have come to realize that I don’t act “act-as-if” in most aspects of my life.   Like the speaker and author Mike Robbins says “ although I understand the concept of "acting as if" … about how we have the power to create our own reality, in certain areas of my life - especially the ones that are most important to me or the ones where I feel the most cynical and resigned, I often pay "lip service" to acting as if, while simply hoping things will get better, worrying that they won't, or allowing the outcome to determine how optimistic or pessimistic my outlook and approach will be. This

Valentine's Day Part 3

What is it about Valentine’s Day that makes us feel as if we HAVE to do something special for someone we love?   And, what about all the singles out there that don’t have someone special to spend this day with or do something for?   I’ll bet they are pretty annoyed with Valentine’s Day.   Is it the day or is it the way the media hypes it up?   I mean really life is NOT like the romance novels, you know the ones I’m talking about, I call them lust in the dust books.   I picked up one once and only got through the first 10 pages, honestly I was embarrassed and repulsed not to mention disgusted because stuff in those books does not happen in real life! Oh!   And don’t get me started on movies!   The stuff in romance movies or romantic comedies is SO not real!   Real life is about real people living real lives!   Movies show only beautiful people living these fantastic, wonderful, lives full of merriment, and happiness in the end. (I believe that the Scooby Doo gang provides and excel

Valentine’s Day Part 2

The second thing that came to mind is, if I don’t get The Director something does he view this as me not loving him?!   What happens if this year I’m just not in the mood to give him a Valentine card? First of all, after attending a Love and Respect conference I found out that most men don’t like mushy, flowery, overflowing lovey, romantic cards, it’s not their language.   According to Emerson & Sarah Eggerichs , men want manly cards that speak their language of love (different from The Five Love Languages   that Gary Chapman writes about).   Cards that use words that appreciate a man’s work, achievements, the protection and provisions he makes for his family, appreciation for his strength, leadership, his desire to analyze and counsel, his insight and how much he is respected and admired.   While men want to know they are loved and don't mind hearing I love you, they are shown your love by using words of affirmation that speak to their God given wiring and desire for re

Valentine’s Day Part 1

First I am rating this post PG, mainly because I want to talk about adult relationships. Secondly, I set off on one thought process this morning, and now my head is swimming with thoughts and ideas having to do with Valentine’s Day, love, romance, and relationships.   So, who knows where this is going to go. As I wrote this, it became apparent that it was way too long for one post, so it will be posted over several days, in several parts.   Not all parts are rated PG.   Actually this is awesome!   I have posts for the next four or five days!! Valentine’s Day   is a holiday surrounded by legend, myth and mystery.   It is rooted in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, but we know from archeology digs that there are at least three martyrs named Valentine that the church recognizes as saints.    And at least one has the feast day of February 14 th .   Legend says that Valentines, sent to a loved one, dates back as far as 1415.   A capital idea, that as time went on, Hal

When it rains, it pours!

So once again several family members are sick, including me.   Yesterday, I canceled piano lessons and went back to bed for all of 10 minutes.   After just dozing off, the roosters awoke and began to mutter about, as they became fully awake.   Desperately wanting to stay in bed, but knowing that a six year old and three year old, sometimes known as Frick and Frack can get into more trouble in 10 minutes that a wild hog on the loose in a china shop, I arose barely conscious.   I entered the family room to the incessant chattering and whining of The Little Man wanting to watch Dinosaur Train and not being able to put it on himself. After putting on something, not really sure if it was Dora the Explorer or Dinosaur Train, I began looking for any sort of medication that would make me feel better or at least help me breath a little easier.   This led me to remember that The Informer needed her antibiotic, so finding something for her to eat, I then gave her, her medication.   About th

How to end the holidays with a bang!

(This post was meant to be much earlier in the year but life has been a bit more hectic than usual around the Living at Wit’s End abode.   I hope it will spark some ideas for you, for next year.) Our family has a lot of traditions throughout the year, but especially during the holidays.   Lately I’ve explained one of our traditions a lot.   Since so many people seem to be interested in the idea I thought I would share it with you as well.   My kids aren’t sad when the holidays are over, mainly because very soon after New Years we celebrate again.   On January 6 th , Epiphany, we have a great party to celebrate the three kings visit to see Jesus. On Epiphany we start the day by going to mass together.   In the evening we have a nice dinner (no real traditional meal), sometimes it is party finger food and other times it’s a little more formal, sit down, dinner.   That all depends on how busy we have been during the week and or how tired I am.   After dinner we have King Cak