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Twas' the Night Before Christmas Eve

Tonight has not been a good night.   I’m way behind, have tons to do and not even close to being ready for tomorrow, Christmas Eve!   My family went to dinner this evening; I stayed behind to finish up some shopping.   I arrived at the garage door, arms full of packages, my family was already home.   At the door I heard what sounded like screaming and horsing around.   When the Middle Child opened the door for me, I was overwhelmed!   My husband’s childhood Christmas tree, which we have used for years and years was on the floor with ornaments all around it.   Earlier in the month I told the kids “this Christmas tree is on its last leg, I don’t think it’s going to make it after this year”.   I guess I was wrong it didn’t make it through this year.   The wooden pole that held all the branches snapped in two.   My brother the Stuntman was over and of course had a movie quote appropriate for the moment.   After the Director said “yep the wood snapped” without missing a beat, the Stuntman

Are Your Ready?!

Christmas is almost here, are you ready?  Not only am I not ready in the worldly sense (shopping, house clean, wrapping, food bought and prepared, favorite movies watched etc.), I am really not ready in the spiritual sense.  Almost every year I vow that this will be the year I really prepare during advent, for the coming of our savior.  Almost every year I start out with a bang and quickly go down hill.  This year I didn't even start with a pop, let alone a bang.  I am really not in the Christmas spirit and I'm feeling very uninspired. Of course I have guilt about my feelings for so many reasons, the biggest being that there are so many people in the world that are suffering, right now.  Me, I'm just cranky and uninspired.  I am truly blessed with a great family and wonderful friends.  I have a fairly, lovely, roof over my head, clothes to wear, and enough food for a three day Christmas feast.  So why do I feel so cranky and disconnected?!  I could say that part of it i

Fake, Fraud, Farce

One of my favorite holiday movies is Christmas in Connecticut . While I’ve seen the one from 1992, my favorite is the one made in 1945 starring Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan . In the movie Elizabeth Lane played by Barbara Stanwyck has the original old fashioned blog, she’s a famous journalist, and she is one of the country’s leading food writers.   Her column runs in a nationally syndicated woman’s magazine.   In her columns she describes her perfect Connecticut farm life, married with a child, and boasts of her excellent cooking.   She posts her recipes for all to try.   She’s appears to be the Martha Stewart of the forties.   But, the truth is she is a single New Yorker, living in a one room apartment and she can’t even boil water.   All of her wonderful recipes come from her dear, uncle figure, friend, Felix, owner of a renowned restaurant. The war hero Jefferson Jones played by Dennis Morgan is recovering from several days stranded at sea.   His nur