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The Picture in My Head

Lent has come and gone.   Easter Sunday has come and gone.   The picture in my head still remains even though my end result looks nothing like the picture.   I set out on my Lenten journey with specific images of the end result in mind.   How my Lenten journey would look, how my forty bags in forty days would look.   I’m here to say my picture is a whole lot prettier than the real thing.   I did fulfill my Lenten goal of forty bags in forty days, I did not fulfill the image I had in mind. Here is how it panned out Sold:   One large baby gate Bags thrown out:   13 (this included things recycled or just thrown out because it was broken, unusable etc.) Bags donated to the VVA:   26 Bags donated to JMJ Life Center:   2 A lot of what I got rid of was clothing, I managed to clean out some of my bedroom and go through some of the children’s clothes and toys.   However most of the bags consisted of stuff from our garage.   Overall this frustrates me a bit.