Cinco de Mayo Date Night

Have a Fiesta!  Cinco de Mayo Date Night

The Menu (see below for shopping list)

·         Celebration Taco Salad

(Prepare taco meat according to package, then layer all the ingredients in any order you like)

·         Mock Margaritas

(The easiest recipe is to buy Margarita mix and mix with lemon or lime seltzer water.  To get fancy, dip your glass in water and then salt or sugar the rim.  Serve with a lime slice and a mint sprig.  Or, you could also serve real margaritas or Corona with a lime)

·         Cinnamon bun churros

(After you open the can of cinnamon rolls, unroll each roll until you have one long piece of dough.  Twist each dough piece to create a churro.  Bake according to the package.  Drizzle with icing or use it as a dip for your churros.


The Night’s Activities

Play el Casa or el Cantina

This is a simple game where you will take turns choosing an activity from the el Casa or the el Cantina bowl, whichever you prefer.


§  Two bowls

§  Printed PDF (see below)

Prep – Print out the PDF.  Cut out the two tent cards, place one in front of each bowl.  Cut out the el Casa prompts, fold them in half, and put them in the el Case bowl.  Mix them up.  Next, cut out the el Cantina starts, fold them in half, and put them in the el Cantina bowl.  Mix them up.


Decide who will go first.  Pick a slip of paper from either the el Casa or the el Cantina bowl, then follow the instructions.  Play goes back and forth after each prompt is completed.

Get Creative!  Make Ojo De Dios together.

The “Ojo de Dios” or God’s Eye is an ancient craft made by the Huichol Indians living in Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountain range.  It is created by wrapping colorful yarn around crossed sticks.

You can find many Ojo de Dios instructions online. All you need is two or three colorful yarns, popsicle sticks, and scissors.  No time, check out this one; it includes a video too. Ojo De Dios DIY  This one offers some fancy ideas  Ojo De Dios DIY with fancy touches

Want to make your date night a festival?  Add one or all of these little extras.

Watch one of these movies:

·         Three Amigos

·         The Book of Life

·         Nacho Libre

·         Coco


Create a fun festival feeling with some string, paper, and markers (get the kids involved, they’ll love it) or any other party supplies you have.

·         Create some signs that say welcome to the Fiesta or Happy Cinco de Mayo

·         Make some flag bunting with paper

·         Make some fun paper fans

·         Do you have some tissue paper?  Make some flowers

Cinco de Mayo Date Shopping list

·         Fritos

·         Ground beef, turkey, or chicken

·         Package of Taco seasoning

·         Can of refried beans

·         Shredded cheese

·         Toppings – these can include

o   Green onion chopped

o   Corn

o   Jalapeños sliced

o   Shredded lettuce

o   Chopped tomato or halved grape tomato

o   Sliced black olives

o   Cubed avocado or Guacamole

o   Salsa or Picante sauce

o   Sour cream or plain yogurt

o   Ranch or Chipotle Ranch dressing

·         Margarita mix

·         Lime or lemon seltzer water

·         1 lime (if you’re going fancy)

·         Fresh mint (if you’re going fancy)

·         1 can of cinnamon buns

Links for El Casa or El Cantina PDF

I would love to hear from you!  Tell me how your date night went, leave a comment, and visit me on Instagram @hattiewit to let me know.


I get no compensation from any of the linked sites above.  I chose the sites based on the information provided or the ease of instructions.  My goal is to make date night as easy and affordable as possible.


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