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Start Your Summer with a Fun Themed Date Night

This Sunday is not only Father’s Day; it’s also the first official day of summer! So, for a fun date night, why not head back to summer camp with your sweetie?  Check out the date night link below to plan an easy and fun date night. I’ve listed everything you need and ideas for a simple, to a little more effort evening of fun and romance.  No matter what you choose, make sure to have fun!  For people with kiddos If your babies are little enough, put them to bed and start your date night after they’re in bed. If your kiddos are older, explain that you and your spouse are having a date night and consider one of the following ideas for them. Because we were usually broke or didn’t have a sitter, I told my kids that daddy and I were having a date night because it made us a better mommy and daddy.   But, I had something special planned for them too.   Then, I would plan a fun dinner and movie night for them, either while we were doing our date but in a different room or on a separate