Lover's Moonlight Summer Camp Date Night

Pick and choose whatever fits your time frame and budget.

Here are some other fun ideas, pick and choose what works for you.

(I usually get most of my supplies for things from the Dollar Tree {they have a pretty good selection of craft supplies} or other local $ stores.)


To push this date night over the top camp out back together.

This section is for grown-ups only.

Add some romance to your date with one of these classic camp games (completely acceptable now that you’re grown-ups “wink”).

If you want some over the top ideas with free printables check out these links (this is one of my favorite sites for ideas and freebies)

Remember whatever you choose to do, have fun and enjoy each other’s company.  The idea behind dating your spouse is to stay connected or rekindle your connection with the love of your life.  Quality, fun time spent with your spouse is vital for the two of you and your family; happy parents equal happy kiddos.  And, imagine the example you’re setting; you’re influencing a future generation of happy, connected couples!

I would love to hear from you!  Tell me how your date night went, leave a comment, and visit me on Instagram @hattiewit to let me know.


 I get no compensation from any of the linked sites above.  I chose the sites based on the information provided or the ease of instructions.  My goal is to make date night as easy and affordable as possible.


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