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The Insane Behavior of a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) of If you Give a Mom a Task

So I sat down today to write a blog post on my new resolve, to take the bull by the horns, and how I plan to do something about the chaos and mess, starting with baby steps.   Well, I quickly realized I hadn’t finished part two of “In the Moment”.   Must finish part two before I can compose a new post.   Has it really been almost three months since I wrote that?   Let me see, I know I made notes on what I was going to write about in part two, where are they?   Dining room table, last I remember.   Oh my!   Look how much stuff has accumulated on this table in three months.   So many piles and containers filled with papers, school stuff, who knows what?!   How have I gone three months and not seen this mess?!   OK, let’s back up, regroup…notes, notes where might you be?     It was clear I was not going to find any notes in that mess quickly, only one thing to do, clean up the mess, go through everything piece by piece until I find them. That decision was made at 2: