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Just read the manual! What manual?!

Kids don’t come with instruction manuals.   Of course there are tons of books on the market, starting when a woman is pregnant, about child bearing and child rearing, but how do you know which one is the right one, especially for you and your child.   I had babysat from the time I was 12 through my early twenties.   I worked for several families and was pretty close to a nanny for one of them.   I considered being a nanny for a long time.   So when I was pregnant with Oldest I thought I had a pretty good head start on things.   Like most new moms to be, I read What to Expect When Your Expecting and my husband leafed through What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding.   They got us through pregnancy for the most part.   They did not prepare me or us for the premature labor, bed rest and eventual C-section, but we muddled through and Oldest was born a very healthy, nine pound, plus baby.   I remember thinking the first night we brought him home, even though I knew a lot about caring f

My Memories Part 2

Yesterday I left you with how super easy My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software is to use.   Today I would like to share a couple of pages from my album.   (Because it is important for me to keep my family’s anonymity, as you probably get from the names I have given everyone, I will only be posting pictures that are of scenery and things.   I hope you understand.)   I also want to share some more information about the software and announce my winner. First, a little more about the software and the company offering it, I love that at their web site in addition to all of the templates and kits available for purchase, there are currently 116 FREE Digital Scrapbooking Kits to download.   In the Dollar Store there are 418 things to download for just 99 cents each.   If you are a huge scrapbooker or you get addicted to digi designing you will love The Design Club !   This is a monthly subscription club that cost just $5.99 a month.   The benefits are great, including 5 excl

My Memories Part 1

One of my favorite things to do is scrapbook.   I mean the traditional get out the paper, scissors and glue kind of scrapbooking.   You know, like a great kindergarten project!   I’m a very creative person, when I don’t get a chance to be creative, I get very cranky.   I have to be honest I haven’t really scrapbooked in that manner since I was pregnant with The Informer.   I have done a bit here and there using internet companies that specialize in photo gifts and products.   While this is a fun and a fairly quick way to get your pictures into books I found them to be limited in what you can do, as far as creativity goes. I personally think it’s really important to record your memories for future generations.   When my grandmother died, I remember going through boxes of fabulous pictures and not having a clue as to who the people were or anything about them.   I must admit one of my goals is to get all of my pictures into scrapbooks for my family. I did try a great product t

Exciting Give Away This Weekend!

I wanted to let you know about an up coming give-away I have going on.  I have been contacted by a company to review one of their exciting new products on my blog.  I have been using it over the last two weeks, I will be posting my review of the product this weekend.  For doing this, they have given me an extra product to give away in a contest.  I will be giving away this product on January 8 th after I post my review.  The contest will work like this, for every person that signs up to follow my blog from now until January 6 th will have their name entered once into the drawing.  Following my blog is fairly easy, on the top right side bar click on the Join This Site blue button.  A small window will pop up; it will ask you to sign up using your Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Aim, Netlog or OpenID account.  If you do not have one of those accounts, you can create a Google account that will allow you to join the site.  After you complete the process your picture or a picture of a silhou

More Thoughts from the Cobwebbed Corners of My Mind

I’ll admit this has nothing to do with faith family or homeschooling, but like the whole Human Directional thing, this is one of those things that has me perplexed and sometimes annoyed.   The Director, Oldest, The Organized Child, my parents and I recently went to see the play Screwtape Letters , an adaptation of C.S. Lewis’s book The Screwtape Letters.   (An excellent play, if you should get the opportunity take the time to see it!)   So here’s the thing, ten minutes before curtain call I decided to go use the restroom.   I walked out of the theater, to the restroom, saw the line and proceeded right back to the theater.   The line was so long that it wrapped out of the restroom alcove and almost back to the door of the theater.   No granted the theater isn’t huge but there had to be at least 25 women in line.   I have found no matter where you go there is always a very long line for the women’s room while men come and go very freely and quite often.   I want to know who

January 1st – New Beginnings

What is it about New Years Day?   Everyone takes January 1 st , the beginning of a new year as a day to start over.   What is it about a new year, which makes us want to start fresh again and again?   People sit down to make their New Years resolutions.   Resolutions usually consisting of something to do with health, organization, career desires and replacing old or bad habits with new or good ones. For many years I wrote down resolutions, I usually started out with a bang and quickly ended with a fizzle.   You see with out action, writing down a resolution is just words on a piece of paper.   Two years ago I found a copy of the resolutions I had written ten years prior, it was truly sad, I had written the same thing, almost to the letter, ten years later.   I felt as if I had accomplished nothing in my life.   And, if I were to compare my life now to those written words on the paper, I would really feel like a failure!   I still have not accomplished those resolutions and on