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Did Somebody say Date Night? Two "Done for You" date night plans (Quick, Easy, and Frugal)

  My kids love a party!   Especially the Organized Child!   So, as my kiddos were growing up when a holiday showed up on the calendar, I would try to do something special at dinner time.   Over the years, we’ve celebrated Cinco de Mayo, Presidents Day, Groundhogs Day, and others; you get the idea.   Because of my predisposition to turn things into a party, date nights with my hubby aren’t really different.   One date night, I went all out for Chinese New Year.   The Organized Child made a homemade Chinese dinner.   I decorated, we played a game, made some origami and watched a movie.   (My husband feels the need for a movie almost every date night, no matter what activities I have planned.) Recently, I’ve had several people ask me for date night ideas.   Specifically, I was asked for ideas that don’t require going out, no need for childcare, minimal preparation and can be done on little to no budget.   So, since I’m a party girl at heart and love themes, this week gave me the perfect s

What's God's Handle?

In a period when we are overwhelmed by mass communication and social media, where is God?   Does anyone have His email or know His Instagram handle? As I've gotten older, I've learned the best way to grow in your relationship with the Lord is to pray.   There are several ways to pray, traditional prayers, a conversation with God, prayer through worship songs, group prayer, repentance, intercessory, and the list goes on.   I found that having some resources and strategies has helped me grow in my prayer life and my relationship with God.   I learned about some tools and methods from some great authors.   If you want to have a more fulfilling prayer life, check out some of these resources. ·          To develop a habit of prayer, check out I Heard God Laugh by Matthew Kelly ·          To get specific and strategic in your prayer, read Fervent: A Woman's Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer by Priscilla Shirer ·          To pray for your husband, I lov