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Mount Washmore or The Never Ending Story

I saw the following picture on Facebook today and laughed out loud, not because it’s funny, but because this particular subject has been on my mind all weekend.   I do believe God is trying to get my attention! We spent the weekend packing up two kids who left on a mission trip yesterday, cleaning up and making room for the first of our three exchange students that will spend part of the summer with us.   As we cleaned and rearranged and shopped, Mount Washmore grew and grew as each of us did load after load of laundry.   The higher the pile, the more I began to think there has to be a better way, especially since there are three more people who will be joining us very soon. I think my mother had the right set up, she hung a clothes line and hung a never ending supply of hangers over her washer and dryer.   She folded everyone’s clothes or hung them up immediately after they came out of the dryer.   I don’t remember now but I’m pretty sure she delivered the clothes to us

Crazy is as Crazy Does

I wish, like Sheldon  from the Big Bang Theory, each time someone told me I was crazy that I could reply “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.”   I have heard so many times that you are crazy, I can’t even count that high.   Yesterday I was told I’m “plum crazy!”   Often times I’m told this by friends and family, people who like and love me.   I like to think it’s a compliment, and I hope that I am worthy (crazy) enough to be in the good company of the saints and martyrs. You see, my family lives counterculture in most things, we have for many years.   I didn’t learn this lifestyle, I wasn’t raised this way, and I didn’t have any great life epiphanies that got me here.    The Director and I didn’t start out with these incredible convictions to live counterculture, it just sort of happened over time.   When we were first married we were like most every other young couple.   We had debt from the Director’s student loans, we had a mortgage, two incomes, newer cars and enough

The Great Adventure

For the past 17 years every summer, always in June, I go on an adventure that starts in January.  It involves a good friend, my kids and a substantial number of other people’s kids.  My dear, dear friend The Teacher asked me to join her on this adventure when I was six months pregnant with The Organized Child.  It started in a small classroom filled with very active and energetic three year olds.  And, while I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day, each year I come back again and again.  This adventure is one of great stress, but HUGE rewards!  It is one of my greatest passions, despite swearing year after year, that this is the end, no more!  Each year somehow, no matter how stressed and completely spent I am, I am filled up with enough energy to take on this adventure.  I can’t claim that it is grace, because I must admit there are many times I don’t handle what is thrown my way with any grace at all.  Never the less I embark on this adventure and pray that God will take m