"What a remarkable age this is!"

Yesterday morning I was driving The Littles to a gig, as we were driving a verse from one of the songs in Titanic the Musical popped into my head,

If it could be out in a phrase... it's "What a remarkable age this is!"

There are a lot of negative things in the world today, but there are a lot of magnificent things as well.  I think this is true of any time in history, remarkable inventions, great works of art and literature, and incredible people changing their part of the world.

What made this song verse pop into my head?  The amount of information and tools available at our fingertips, at any given time.  Sunday night I wanted to know what language Paul wrote to the Corinthians in, a quick search on the internet while driving in the car (my passenger, not me), Greek.  What Greek word for love was Paul referring too?  Agape. (Thank you Google.)

The next morning, while driving to our local Community Arts organization for The Littles gig, YouTube quick search and the kids were warming up their voices with Vocal Warm-Up videos by professional voice coaches.

But, perhaps the one thing that made me pause in awe, my mother sent me an e-mail with a copy of my great-great-grandfather's obituary attached.  I was able to see a picture of my great-great-grandfather and read his obituary, from my computer, in my house!  I didn't have to go someplace to look for it on microfiche, it was right there when I opened my e-mail.

For me, it's easy to take things for granted, to focus on all that is wrong in my own world, the world around me or the world in general.  It was a learned behavior growing up, one that has perpetuated into adulthood.  Yesterday, a friend posted that she had DONE IT!  She woke up at her goal weight.  However, her post wasn’t a brag post, it was a gentle reminder to do things that are hard, to be an adult.

“Let's be grown-ups today and do what we need to do to take care of ourselves. Eat better, workout, heal a relationship, break off a relationship. Whatever it is, do it, you grown-up person. (I imagine myself saying that in Stan Lee's voice, but probably most people have no idea what I'm talking about.)


No more excuses!”

God has been knocking on my door a lot lately.  The Holy Spirit has laid it on my heart to change my viewpoint, to see things through different a different lens.  See more positives, trust more, believe more, dream more and have unquestionable faith.  All things work for His glory, on His time, He is forever faithful!  The letter we read on Sunday that Paul wrote to the Corinthians specifically said: “Set your mind on the higher gifts!... When I was a child, I used to talk like a child, and see things as a child does, and think like a child; but now that I have become an adult, I have finished with all childish ways.”  I know that God is calling me to grow up, put away my childish excuses, focus on the remarkable and work on the negatives that I can fix.

I am truly blessed with incredible people in my life, family friends and co-workers, each one a special gift set on a path to intersect with mine.  God has been using many of them to help change the lens with which I view the world and my circumstances.  I’m working on being grateful, recognizing the remarkable in my life, counting my blessings, trusting and yes growing up!


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