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What  happens when the movie you’re watching with your family, so closely resembles your life that you can’t breathe and you have to bite back tears?   And, your every intention of actually engaging in a fruitful Advent is already days behind, not because of Christmas preparations but because of everyday life stuff.   And what happens when the CD you’re listening to reminds you that you’ve broken the commandment of having no other God’s before you?   Not because you are worshiping an idol but because you’ve let life take over and you have no real prayer life.    And what happens when you realize in your self-wallowing that you are indulging in petty, selfish, pity all the while a family friend is fighting for every last day of his life and families have lost family members or homes to raging wild fires.   I’ll tell you what happens, you go to bed feeling pretty hopeless!   Hopeless because you realize numerous times throughout the day God has made it a point to show me that I’m wh