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Love, Life, Mess

Love.  There are 28 definitions for love at  Is it a feeling or is it an emotion, or is it an action ? Life. lists 35 definitions for life.  It lists everything from existence to risking one’s life. What I know about love and life can be summed up in one word, messy.  Life is messy!  Love is even messier!  I hate mess and chaos and disorder!  I repeatedly read that God is not a God of mess, He is a God of order, peace and calm and yet here I am in mess and chaos and disorder.  I’m not just talking about physical mess.  I’m talking about the four aspects of our human condition being a mess.  How did I get here?  Ironically as I write, this one thing keeps coming to mind “If life is a like a bowl of cherries why am I in the pits?” the title of a book I’ve never read. I once read how life is not peaks and valleys.   Our best times aren’t on the summit and our worst times aren’t in the deepest pits.  Life instead, is like railroad tracks.  One