Chosen Mom

There are several Mom Parodies using the “Let It Go” song going around right now.  Some of them are hysterical.  This one in particular brought tears to my eyes. 

In the beginning she sings of aggravation and the day to day stuff mom’s deal with, dirty socks, laundry, fighting, tantrums, trash etc.  However in the end she nails it!  The lines that got me, put the lump in my throat and the tears in my eyes….

let it go
let it go

I just have to keep my calm

let it go
let it go

cause I’m their only mom

here I stand and here I’ll say

cause I’m their mom

that stuff never bothered me anyway

Wow!  It hit me like a ton of bricks because I very rarely keep my calm and all that stuff usually bothers me a lot!  I’m working on letting go VERY slowly, at a snail’s pace.  I wish I was mastering it at Turbo’s pace, but not the case. 
The line that really got to me was “cause I’m their only mom” I never stopped to think I’m it!  Just me!
Yesterday was Middle Child’s birthday.  Whenever one of my kids has a birthday I post on Facebook a baby picture and a current picture with a small explanation saying however many years ago I gave birth to this child.  I list all the wonderful blessings they have brought to our family and how honored and blessed I am to be their mom.  Blessed and honored to be their mom.  When I type that, I truly mean it but I haven’t stopped to think I, me, am their only mom and what does that mean to me or them?
I didn’t choose these kids, they didn’t choose me.  God in His infinite wisdom saw fit to bless me and The Director with each individual child.  For some reason He felt each one of them needed me as their mom and The Director as their dad and each other for siblings.  I focus so much on the mess and the “what ifs” that I fail to see that there has to be a greater plan here.  I may be a mess and I tend to be a pretty strict mom and I blow it a lot of the time, but I love these five people, my kids, so much that sometimes it feels my heart would burst.  I overflow with pride at their accomplishments, gifts and talents.  They move me in ways no other person ever has.  Because of that love, even through the mess, I really try to do the best I can for them.  I want only the best for them.  I want them to be able to stand on their own two feet and navigate the world with morals, values and success.
I never wake up in the morning purposefully intending to mess up, so maybe I need to work on not focusing so much on the messing up and more on the fact that I am their only mom.  Another woman can come in and do mom jobs, but no one is going to love them the way I do.  No one wants for them what I do.  I am their only mom!  I am the mom!  No other woman will love them, pray for them and lead them through the mess and chaos the way I will.  I was chosen just for these particular ones.  Chosen, entrusted with the rearing of these five lives through thick and thin, better or worse, I am grateful and I am blessed.  I’m in it for the long haul!


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