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Back to School...Wait! Did We Stop?!

All the “Back to School” pictures on social media got me thinking about past conversations, comments, and questions with my kids.
So, in the interest of starting the new school year, I thought I would throw this out there.

You might be a homeschooler if you’ve ever heard these statements, questions or had a conversation similar to one of these…

·There’s a beginning of a school year?·Q - When did I start school? A – The day you were born.·What’s a grade?·Jane is in 2nd grade, am I in a grade?·Why did Bill get a number at the top of his paper?·Why did Sue get a letter at the top of her paper?·What are Valentines?·Why do I have to write a bunch of Valentines?·Why did you give me a name with nine letters, it doesn’t fit on my Valentines?·How come we have to do a lesson on “fill in the holiday” before we can celebrate it?·Jane didn’t have a “President’ Day, Cinco de Mayo, Martin Luther King, Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc.” dinner, how come we have to have one?·Did you know Bill’s family just w…

Menopausal Ramblings

This started out as a Facebook post but ended up being really long (sorry), so now it's a blog post. Who knew. Feel free to read it or not. It's basic ramblings of a menopausal, occasional insomniac