The Insane Behavior of a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) of If you Give a Mom a Task

So I sat down today to write a blog post on my new resolve, to take the bull by the horns, and how I plan to do something about the chaos and mess, starting with baby steps.  Well, I quickly realized I hadn’t finished part two of “In the Moment”.  Must finish part two before I can compose a new post.  Has it really been almost three months since I wrote that?  Let me see, I know I made notes on what I was going to write about in part two, where are they?  Dining room table, last I remember.  Oh my!  Look how much stuff has accumulated on this table in three months.  So many piles and containers filled with papers, school stuff, who knows what?!  How have I gone three months and not seen this mess?!  OK, let’s back up, regroup…notes, notes where might you be?


It was clear I was not going to find any notes in that mess quickly, only one thing to do, clean up the mess, go through everything piece by piece until I find them.

That decision was made at 2:00 this afternoon, it is now 10:25 at night.  I have thrown out an overflowing Wal-Mart bag of trash.  I shredded several items, emptied the shredder and replaced the bag.  I have filed a very large stack of receipts, statements, cards etc.  I created a pile, organized and ready to be dealt with, for The Director.  I compiled a smaller pile of things that need a lot more attention than I had to give today, for me to deal with this week.  I listed a massive stack of school books to be sold, on two different web sites.  I entered a long list of movies I would like to see some day, on the computer.  I answered several e-mails that needed my immediate attention.  I figured out, with The Director, plans for the little kid’s bed modification for when we re-do their room.  Cleaned out The Little Man's school bag.  Typed up and saved four recipes.  Typed up, printed out, and hung up new chore assignments, list of paid jobs for after regular chores are done and current projects I would like to be competed  by the end of 2014.   And finally I tried tirelessly to enter some info into the computer so that I can save it in one location and not have pieces of paper everywhere but I’m having computer issues so I’m still working on that, uugghh!

Here I sit at 10:33 at night, my table not completely cleaned off but looking much better than before, feeling unaccomplished because I still don’t have any notes for “In the Moment Part Two”.  My actual plan for the day of reading my meal planning, budget book then making a meal plan and blogging about it is not done.  I’ve missed out on time with my family and I’m just as frustrated now as when I began this endeavor.  I wonder if I will ever really get it together and live a semi-uncluttered, boring life?  I guess I should go get kids in bed and see if The Director can fix this computer mess.  Now where did I put my drink?  I now I had a cup going somewhere, I wonder where it is?


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