Under Attack!

Warning:  This post contains some profanity.
This started out as an email to my Christian, female friends.  As I was thinking about what I wanted to share I felt the Lord tug at me to post it instead.  So here goes.
I have a bad habit and addiction…I love books, I buy books, lots of books.  I start to read the books I purchase, or not.  However, the ones I do start, I rarely if ever finish them.  I have often wondered why, until today.  Today I realized that the books I haven’t finished over the years tend to involve helping me grow in some way and also involve something to do with my faith.  My theory is that until recently the enemy has been very skillful at distracting me, and on I move to something else.
I can’t say for sure when precisely my actions lined up with my conscious decision to spend time in prayer each morning with the Lord.  I make decisions all the time to do things, the problem is I lack the follow through.  Anyway, since the beginning of the year, I have spent more ti…

"What a remarkable age this is!"

Yesterday morning I was driving The Littles to a gig, as we were driving a verse from one of the songs in Titanic the Musical popped into my head,
If it could be out in a phrase... it's "What a remarkable age this is!"
There are a lot of negative things in the world today, but there are a lot of magnificent things as well.  I think this is true of any time in history, remarkable inventions, great works of art and literature, and incredible people changing their part of the world.
What made this song verse pop into my head?  The amount of information and tools available at our fingertips, at any given time.  Sunday night I wanted to know what language Paul wrote to the Corinthians in, a quick search on the internet while driving in the car (my passenger, not me), Greek.  What Greek word for love was Paul referring too?  Agape. (Thank you Google.)
The next morning, while driving to our local Community Arts organization for The Littles gig, YouTube quick search and the kids wer…


What  happens when the movie you’re watching with your family, so closely resembles your life that you can’t breathe and you have to bite back tears?And, your every intention of actually engaging in a fruitful Advent is already days behind, not because of Christmas preparations but because of everyday life stuff.And what happens when the CD you’re listening to reminds you that you’ve broken the commandment of having no other God’s before you?Not because you are worshiping an idol but because you’ve let life take over and you have no real prayer life. And what happens when you realize in your self-wallowing that you are indulging in petty, selfish, pity all the while a family friend is fighting for every last day of his life and families have lost family members or homes to raging wild fires.I’ll tell you what happens, you go to bed feeling pretty hopeless!Hopeless because you realize numerous times throughout the day God has made it a point to show me that I’m where I am in life becau…

The Gift of the Holy Spirit

If you’ve read some of my past posts you know I love books! All books! I love how they feel and smell! I love words and writings; it doesn’t matter if the book is a real book or on a nook or kindle or and audio book anything to do with the written word I love! So here is the problem with my obsession with books, most of the time I get them start reading them and don't finish them. Or, I buy the book with every intention of reading it after I read whatever book I happen to be reading/listening to at the time. However, it ends up on a shelf somewhere or my overflowing nightstand only to be forgotten about until I unearth it in one of my angry declutter moments!
There are a few books I’ve tried to read several times, but for one reason or another, I just can’t get into it. One book, in particular, freaks me out every time I try to read it. Then there is a book that my dear friend Megan recommended, I mean highly recommended that I read. She loves it so much she reads it EVER…


Lately my heart has been heavy to the point of breaking.There is so much pain and suffering, meanness and ugliness, violence and hatred in the world.I’ve written before that life is hard and just when I think it can’t get harder or more complicated it does.It always seems like I’m being pelted with snowballs and I have no snow to return fire with.The wind is knocked out of me and before I catch my breath another follows quicker than the last.
I’m not just speaking about the mess and chaos in my life, I’m talking about the rest of life, the part that happens out beyond my front door, beyond my neighborhood, beyond my community, beyond my town, beyond my state or even my country.Although for the first time massive violence happened not just in my state and town but my own backyard, right next to one of my doctors’ offices and shopping plazas.Not once but two days in a row.
As it unfolded I felt as if I couldn’t breathe.I didn’t personally know anyone who lost their life or even the injure…

Love, Life, Mess

Love.  There are 28 definitions for love at  Is it a feeling or is it an emotion, or is it an action?

Life. lists 35 definitions for life.  It lists everything from existence to risking one’s life.
What I know about love and life can be summed up in one word, messy.  Life is messy!  Love is even messier!  I hate mess and chaos and disorder!  I repeatedly read that God is not a God of mess, He is a God of order, peace and calm and yet here I am in mess and chaos and disorder.  I’m not just talking about physical mess.  I’m talking about the four aspects of our human condition being a mess.  How did I get here?  Ironically as I write, this one thing keeps coming to mind “If life is a like a bowl of cherries why am I in the pits?” the title of a book I’ve never read.
I once read how life is not peaks and valleys.   Our best times aren’t on the summit and our worst times aren’t in the deepest pits.  Life instead, is like railroad tracks.  One track is our best…

The Insane Behavior of a SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) of If you Give a Mom a Task

So I sat down today to write a blog post on my new resolve, to take the bull by the horns, and how I plan to do something about the chaos and mess, starting with baby steps.Well, I quickly realized I hadn’t finished part two of “In the Moment”.Must finish part two before I can compose a new post.Has it really been almost three months since I wrote that?Let me see, I know I made notes on what I was going to write about in part two, where are they?Dining room table, last I remember.Oh my!Look how much stuff has accumulated on this table in three months.So many piles and containers filled with papers, school stuff, who knows what?!How have I gone three months and not seen this mess?!OK, let’s back up, regroup…notes, notes where might you be?

It was clear I was not going to find any notes in that mess quickly, only one thing to do, clean up the mess, go through everything piece by piece until I find them.
That decision was made at 2:00 this afternoon, it is now 10:25 at night.I have thrown …