Killer Organisms, Seriously!

When I wrote about the killer organisms, I was half joking.  Seriously, they totally gross me out and give me the willies when I think about them.  However, I never REALLY thought about them and what they can do to you!

The other night I wasn’t feeling real great and when I lay down, I felt worse.  So, I decided to get up, not being in the mood to do much of anything, I turned on the TV.  All the stupid cable channels we have, and there was nothing of any value, worth watching, on!  As I was guide surfing, trying to find something, I came across the title Monsters Inside Me on the Animal Channel.  Now I’m thinking to myself “what in the world can this be about, especially on the animal channel!”  So I decide to check it out, in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman “Big mistake. Big. Huge!”

This show is about all the disgusting, nasty, critters that we can get!  Honestly!  The stories that were told and the pictures they showed were awful!  It made me not want to eat anything ever again!  As grossed out as I was, I found that I couldn’t stop watching it.  As I’m sitting there repulsed I couldn’t help but think again, “What was God thinking?!    Do we really need these nasty parasites?!  Wouldn’t the world be better off without them?!”

Then, I began to think about something the pediatrician said to me when the Middle Child had chicken pox (even though she had been immunized).  I asked her how the Middle Child could possibly get chicken pox, one, she’s been immunized and two, she’s not in a traditional school?  The pediatrician explained that many viruses are airborne.  We could be on the soup isle of the grocery store and someone in the cereal isle, two rows over could sneeze or cough, and it could float to our isle, where we breathe it in and catch it.  Now a lot of things have to be in play for us to get sick, like a depressed immune system etc., but we are still exposed to all sorts of germs, viruses, parasites on a daily basis.

According to that show most US fish are infested with worms.  Unless it is cooked at a temperature of 145 degrees, until done or pre-frozen before being prepared you can get the parasitic worms.  Sushi eaters beware!  I was gagging just watching the experiments to determine this.

So again, I started thinking about the germs and viruses and parasites and wondering why do they exist?!  But then another thought hit me, “How amazing did God make us?!”  I mean who knows how much we are exposed to on a daily basis?  We touch doorknobs, and menus, public toilets, and hand dryers.  We’re around people who cough and sneeze and who knows what they might be carrying.  And then, we eat things that have parasites.  Don’t think you’re off the hook if you’re vegetarian, because there are all sorts of nasty critters, and disgusting stuff lurking in the soil that veggies and fruit are grown in.  I’m shocked that we all aren’t dead!

Obviously, God knew what He was doing, even if He did create nasty, gag inducing, vermin!  Who am I, a lowly sinner, who has just about no answers to anything, to question the Almighty?!  For whatever reason, God put them here, they are apart of a greater plan that I know nothing about!  I don’t think I’ll ever understand it, but I don’t want to get on God’s bad side by questioning His reasons for certain creations.  I think I’ll just accept that He made us incredibly well.  Overall, when you think about what we could catch or get, and we don’t, it’s pretty amazing!  To me, that’s proof that the world has a magnificent design and order that only an omnipotent designer could make!  In other words, we are not here through goo to you by way of the zoo.


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