Start Your Summer with a Fun Themed Date Night

This Sunday is not only Father’s Day; it’s also the first official day of summer! So, for a fun date night, why not head back to summer camp with your sweetie?  Check out the date night link below to plan an easy and fun date night. I’ve listed everything you need and ideas for a simple, to a little more effort evening of fun and romance.  No matter what you choose, make sure to have fun! 

For people with kiddos

If your babies are little enough, put them to bed and start your date night after they’re in bed. If your kiddos are older, explain that you and your spouse are having a date night and consider one of the following ideas for them.

Because we were usually broke or didn’t have a sitter, I told my kids that daddy and I were having a date night because it made us a better mommy and daddy.  But, I had something special planned for them too.  Then, I would plan a fun dinner and movie night for them, either while we were doing our date but in a different room or on a separate night, depending on their age.  I would make sure the dinner was something they didn’t usually have (it was their special date night meal) or was something they loved, liked pizza.  I also planned special treats that they only had on date night.  (My kids had dollar store movie candy or ice cream sundaes.)  Then they would get to watch a movie or play a video game or do something that required little supervision but was a rare, occasional activity.  Keep it simple!

Another option is to turn date night into a family night. As always, I’ve chosen ideas that are family-friendly in the event your kiddos will be joining you.  However, as my kids got older, they looked forward to our date nights because it gave them some freedom to do something they didn’t usually do.  Even now, The Little Guy, who is 13, asks every Friday or Saturday night, “Are you and dad having a date night?!”

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Lover's Moonlight Summer Camp Date Night


Date night is about having fun with your spouse!  Keep things simple and fun!  It doesn’t have to be perfect; the focus is spending time with your spouse and growing in your relationship.  Use what works for you; dump what doesn’t.  JUST ENJOY EACH OTHER AND HAVE FUN!


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