Day 2 - The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

So I had grand plans for yesterday, even though it was Valentine’s Day.

The plan:
  • get up early
  • do school
  • take the kids to see their grandmother at the rehab/nursing home for Valentine’s Day
  • shop for Valentines picnic
  • create de-cluttering plan
  • pick one area of the house start de-cluttering and do a surface clean of that area
  • take the three youngest kids to my parents to spend the night
  • pack picnic
  • make the Director a valentine card
  • take older two to church for their Peer Ministry Valentine party
  • go to movie in the park with the Director
Reality - I woke up not feeling good at all.  After being up about 20 minutes I told the kids today was a holiday.  (As we homeschool year round and usually have more than the required days each year I didn't feel bad or worried about taking the day off.)  I went back to bed for a couple of hours.  When I got up for the second time, I ended up sitting with the kids searching for valentine card ideas for about an hour.  Once we decided what they wanted to make, we made a list for the store.  I took a shower and we headed out, hit the dollar store and the grocery store.  I dropped the younger kids off at my parents then went back to the grocery store for all the picnic stuff for my date with the Director.  Went to the drug store for the last valentine card supplies, headed home to finish valentines and make the dish the older kids were taking to their party.  The Director came home and took the kids to the party.  Did I mention it was raining and had been raining all day?  Back up plan was to have the picnic at home, inside, and watch the same movie that we were supposed to watch at movie in the park.  The Director put all the finger food out on plates while I finished his card.  Changed my clothes, gave the Director his cards, made a plate and began to watch the movie.  The movie was interrupted several times due to several phone calls and then because the Director needed to pick up the older two from church.  We finally finished the movie and went to bed.

Therefore, the only thing that was accomplished in the de-cluttering front yesterday was, while I was getting dressed I had the kids do a 27 Fling Boogie.  However, I did maintain a positive attitude and not lose it when certain chores hadn't been done; overall we had a fun day.  I know that was definitely an act of sacrifice on my part, as I would have usually lost it and been a banshee woman when things don't go my way.  Maybe today will be more productive.  Still praying daily, and hoping that my behavior and attitude will be a sacrifice pleasing to the Lord.


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