A Little More About Me

I've been with hubby, the Director, now VP also known as the Principal and the Mad Scientist since 1985, married six years later.  We have five fabulous experiments, also known as children.  They range in ages from adults to children, 3 girls sandwiched by a boy on either end.  We call them The Bigs, The Littles and The Cream in the Middle.  Our formula for life is (S+A) x G = Flynn7 {(Sean + Angi) x God = Flynn7}.

I’m blessed to have amazing and extremely talented parents and siblings, remarkable in-laws and some fabulous friends.   I couldn’t ask for better family or friends.  I am grateful for them all.

God has always been a part of my life.  I strive to live my life in accordance to the Five “Ps” of Married Life –first P = Prayer - God, second P = Person - myself (I must be spiritually, physically and mentally healthy to be the best version of myself in order to serve my family, friends, and community.), third P = Partner - the Mad Scientist, fourth P = Parent - the Experiments and the fifth P = Provider – my work (running the house, schooling, income etc.).   I must admit I often fall short but I’m continually striving to do everything according to God’s will and for His glory!

My experience consists of lots and lots of on the job training, a fair amount of successes as well as failures or learning from my mistakes.  I have been a mother since 1994 and been homeschooling since Oldest was born.  I have tried numerous parenting and schooling methods and have finally found that school doesn't have to be fun all the time it, just has to be done and mean mom approach (You know the kind, she insists that you do your school work, chores, have manners, behave and be respectful even if other kids don't or there will be a negative consequence for your action.  The kind of mom I had.) work best in our home.  I don't ever profess to know it all, I only share my thoughts and experiences in hopes of helping others on this wonderful journey called life.

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