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Let Them Eat Fish!

I’m at a friend’s house the other day when I get a call from the Director.   You know it’s not ever going to be a good conversation when the person on the other end starts out by saying “First of all, I’m fine.”   That was the opening line of a very scary conversation concerning an accident he had had.   He t-boned a car that had pulled out in front of him.   The really scary part, it was a young girl driving with just her learner’s permit, no licensed adult driver in the front seat, in a brand new car, I’m talking an hour old car.   Thank God no one was hurt! After hearing the story, The Organized Child proceeds to tell me that she no longer wishes to get her permit or learn to drive!   She, is going to have a chauffeur for the rest of her life.   I responded with “Where do you intend to get the money for this chauffeur?”   She replies, “I am just going to have a chauffeur for the rest of my life!”   I asked her again about the money she then replied “I’m going to hang out in h