Mount Washmore or The Never Ending Story

I saw the following picture on Facebook today and laughed out loud, not because it’s funny, but because this particular subject has been on my mind all weekend.  I do believe God is trying to get my attention!

We spent the weekend packing up two kids who left on a mission trip yesterday, cleaning up and making room for the first of our three exchange students that will spend part of the summer with us.  As we cleaned and rearranged and shopped, Mount Washmore grew and grew as each of us did load after load of laundry.  The higher the pile, the more I began to think there has to be a better way, especially since there are three more people who will be joining us very soon.

I think my mother had the right set up, she hung a clothes line and hung a never ending supply of hangers over her washer and dryer.  She folded everyone’s clothes or hung them up immediately after they came out of the dryer.  I don’t remember now but I’m pretty sure she delivered the clothes to us and we were expected to put them away.  I’m not entirely sure I ever did put my laundry away, it probably ended up on top of a chair or dresser or maybe even on the floor, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t make it to any drawer or the closet.

When I was early married and had younger children six to ten or so I got tired of getting folded clothes back in the hamper so I devised a system and taught each child how to do their own laundry.  I gave them each their own day on which to do their laundry and made sure they had all the proper tools in order to do their laundry correctly.  I even made them individual picture example labels and gave them three different baskets so they could sort their laundry accordingly.  Oldest got tired of that method of laundry, so he devised his own method, which was pretty much throw it all in at once and wash on hot.  He has had pink underwear and socks before, but he doesn’t seem to mind too much.  As he has gotten older he has gotten much more careful about certain items in his wardrobe, like his dress shirts and such.  He even hangs them to dry on occasion.

Despite all my kids doing their own laundry (except for The Little Man), we still seem to have this massive mound of clothes on the end of the sofa, at least one day a week, if not for most of the week.  It’s just one of those things that seems to get pushed to the bottom of the priority list.  I mean feeding people at regular intervals, procuring some sort of education and keeping the entire house from imploding, just seems to always take precedence over anything else.  And so Mount Washmore grows to an implausible height, taking on a life of its own!  Morphing into some “B” movie blob taking over our family room, consuming small children and animals as they walk by and always leaving only one lone sock behind.

And so this brings me back to the above picture and my thoughts on laundry.  I’m thinking we should move to a nudist colony and The Director can get a job and work from home.  Think about it!  If we we're nudist’s we wouldn’t have to wash anything!  There would be no Mount Washmore!  OK, maybe, we might have to wash some sheets, but if we only had one pair per bed we would wash and put them back on right away.  No morphing blob to consume anyone.  I’m thinking this could REALLY work!  I’m not thrilled about the state of my body but I had two thoughts on that as well, OK maybe three.  One, I’m a homebody, this gives me the perfect excuse to stay home permanently!  Two, honestly I don’t think there’s that many nudist colonies with good looking people in them, at least not by society’s standards.  I get the feeling that most people who want to live as nudists might be a bit on the free spirited, hippie side, not the cool, gorgeous body, jock types.  And three, if I happen to move into the cool, gorgeous body, jock nudist colony I’ll be motivated to do what I can to improve my body, which is in PITIFUL shape, in order to fit in!

Still thinking this might be a plausible solution to Mount Washmore, now I just have to convince all the really shy and modest people I live with to join me!

Picture from We Know Memes


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