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Three Ring Circus

Most of my family (minus the Middle Child) was sick from the Friday before Thanksgiving through now (a couple are still sick).   In hopes that we would still have our annual Thanksgiving celebration at our house, I trudged through my head cold.   I did all the activities that I normally would, to get ready, less the food buying and preparing.   I figured if we miraculously recovered I would shop and prepare the day before our celebration, scheduled for the Saturday evening after Thanksgiving, because of work schedules. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I had a 12:30 doctors appointment.   I awoke to the Middle Child complaining of a stomach ache and headache.   “GREAT!”   I thought we all had colds, not stomach stuff.   I figured we would all get that next.   In hopes of keeping my appointment, and so that I wouldn’t have to pay the cancellation fee, I urged the Middle Child to go back to bed and rest. Here’s the thing about the Middle Child when she’s sick:        A:  

Thanksgiving Letters to Your Children Or Anyone Else For That Matter

My dear friend Susan has a blog .  Two years ago she posted a wonderful suggestion, as Thanksgiving approaches, write a letter of thanksgiving to your children.  She is very specific on what to write, I love that, as it makes it much easier to take on the task.  I took her advice two years ago.  Oldest was attending the National Catholic Youth Conference , we were asked to write a letter to our child, that they would read on the plane.  I used Susan's model for my letter. Two years have gone by and I had forgotten about the letter and the model until again Oldest and now the Organized Child and the Director are attending the National Catholic Youth Conference .  This time we were not asked to write letters but I remembered what I had done in 2009 and wanted to do it again.  I revisited Susan's blog  and again used her model.  As I re-read over it I felt it was important to share her post with everyone, with her permission I have reposted it below. I challenge you to take so