Attack of the Killer Organism!

I was talking to a friend last night.  We were talking about shopping for all the paraphernalia that the kids took to camp.  It was quite a list that included things like travel toiletries, sunscreen, and insect repellent.  As we were talking, somehow all the things you could get at camp came up.  This sent my overly, anxious mind into a tail spin.  When we hung up I couldn’t stop thinking of all the disgusting parasites or fungus that my children might possibly be exposed to.

There is a whole host of disgusting parasites and fungus!  You have all the endoparasites that include things like protozoan organisms.  Those are organisms that come from things like tick bites, ingesting contaminated food or water, bites from sandflies, mosquito bites, tsetse fly bites and amoeba’s that are ingested through nasal passages.  Also in the endoparasites, you have the helminths organisms or worms.  These can include but are not limited to hook, round, tape, pin, whip, fluke and a multitude of other nauseating species.  And what about the ectoparasites such as bedbugs, lice (head, body and crab), or scabies.  That doesn’t even begin to cover things like ticks, chiggers, mites, athlete’s foot, yeast infections, fungus in general or mold!  Honestly!  The mere mention of these revolting organisms sends shivers down my spine, and my body itching from head to toe!

This picture of Patricia Owens says it all, when it comes to the sheer horror at the thought of these nasty creatures!

Now here’s my question (You knew it was coming didn’t you?!), what is the purpose of these horrible things?!  My son assures me that ticks, fleas and small bugs are food for other animals such as monkeys.  I might buy that one, but really do we actually need all the other stuff??!!  In Genesis, it talks about God commanding Noah to bring all kinds of creeping things onto the ark (Gen 6:20), but did that really include things like bedbugs, lice, or pin worms?  I mean if he did bring those things, wouldn’t they have had some serious problems being cooped up on the ark for over seven months?  I can just see Mrs. Noah now, combing nits out of Noah’s long hair and beard.  Oh wait a minute; they didn’t have nit combs back then!  Did they all just run around and itch?!  Maybe that’s how they fed the monkeys; they went in and let the monkeys pick the bugs off their bodies.

Then there’s the whole fungus thing!  OK, maybe some of the fungus and molds are needed to make medicines and cheese, but do we seriously need black shower mold?!  How much of that stuff grew in the ark, floating around in the moist air, for almost a year?!  No matter what I do I can’t get rid of that stuff!  No amount of bleach product, steam from my Shark steamer or growth retardant ever gets completely rid of it!  (And, how am I supposed to be GREEN using all those heavy duty chemicals?!)  Just when I think I finally have it under control some small spot shows up in some corner!  It’s absolutely disgusting!  I’m not seeing God’s infinite wisdom when it comes to any of these hair raising, horrid organisms!  Typing about them now, I envision some cheesy, 50’s, sci-fi, B movie; a mite the size of Godzilla, covered in black mold, chasing me down the street.  I hear the music from the movie Psycho, and Janet Lee’s screams coming from my mouth as I spray my piddly bottle of insecticide and Tilex at it! 

I can’t go on!  I have to go take a shower!


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