Thanksgiving Letters to Your Children Or Anyone Else For That Matter

My dear friend Susan has a blog.  Two years ago she posted a wonderful suggestion, as Thanksgiving approaches, write a letter of thanksgiving to your children.  She is very specific on what to write, I love that, as it makes it much easier to take on the task.  I took her advice two years ago.  Oldest was attending the National Catholic Youth Conference, we were asked to write a letter to our child, that they would read on the plane.  I used Susan's model for my letter.

Two years have gone by and I had forgotten about the letter and the model until again Oldest and now the Organized Child and the Director are attending the National Catholic Youth Conference.  This time we were not asked to write letters but I remembered what I had done in 2009 and wanted to do it again.  I revisited Susan's blog and again used her model.  As I re-read over it I felt it was important to share her post with everyone, with her permission I have reposted it below.

I challenge you to take some time in the near future to write your children a letter of Thanksgiving, use her suggestions, expand upon them or just write what you want.  Write from your heart and let them know just how thankful you are for them, how truly blessed you are because they are in your life.  Don't just stop with your kids, or if you don't have kids, write to your spouse, your parents, your siblings, aunts, uncles, anyone in your life that you are thankful for.  As one of the commenters on Susan's post said, a note of thanks is so much better than the usual annual cards (birthdays, Christmas etc.), taking the time to write what is truly in your heart lets them know your deepest feelings for them.  How much taller do we stand when someone compliments us, or acknowledges a job well done?  Don't you want to try harder, work better, and continue to impress the person who has complimented you?  Take the time, our days on this earth are numbered, no one is guaranteed tomorrow, let your loved ones know what they mean to you and how thankful you are to have them in your life!

Thanksgiving Letters to Your Children

Thanksgiving Letters to Your Children
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So before the busy time begins, add one more thing to your To Do list:  write a thank you card to your children this year.
Why? To tell them that you are honored, blessed, lucky, and happy to have them as your child. It doesn’t have to be on a card from the store – notebook paper is fine. Even email would work, but a note in your own handwriting makes it more valuable. Almost 18 years after my father’s death, whenever I see his handwriting, it brings back sweet memories of him.

You may think your children know you love them, and that you’re too busy to write the obvious. You may think the card won’t matter. But it may surprise you how your note will impact them.

Everyone enjoys praise. A simple “nice job” or “wow” can improve one’s frame of mind.

In my opinion, power of written affirmation is largely untapped. But don’t take my word for it – give it a try yourself. This year, write a Thanksgiving note to your children to show them how much you love them.

Include at least five things in your note:
1. Tell them you are blessed because they are yours. This will show they belong.
2. Tell them how joining your family changed it for the better. This shows they are one of a kind.
3. Tell them how they thrill you. This shows them you think they are successful.
4. Tell them a dream you have for them. This shows you believe in them.
5. Tell them they will always have your love. This gives them security.

In no way should the letter reprimand, scold, or express disappointment.

When you do this don’t be disappointed if not much is said to you as a thank you. I wrote a Mother’s Day card to my children after they went to great lengths to plan a surprise gift for me. I was touched by their efforts to honor me and I quickly jotted a note to each one.

Unfortunately, my notes didn’t incite the enthusiasm I hoped they would. I thought it would be like receiving a gift card to Manny’s Chophouse, but that wasn’t the case. They read them, but said very little. However, I wrote it as much for myself as for them. I wrote the cards to my children because I wanted the record to show that having them in my life is the one of the best things to ever happen to me. If they choose to save their card, it will be written proof that they are very loved. Even as a grown child and a parent myself I treasure the special notes from my parents.

Remember when I said you may be surprised how it will impact them? I just discovered my oldest daughter carries her Mother’s Day thank you from me in her wallet.

Take the time to write your love note to your children. Do it now before you are too rushed to add it into your holiday season.


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