Back To School Addendum

I would like to make a clarification to yesterdays post.  After sharing my blog with the morning crew of the Christian radio station I listen to and receiving a comment back, it became apparent to me that I had not expressed myself clearly.  My intent at mentioning the comments I heard on the radio stations was more my own surprise at how different my viewpoints and feelings are.  In all fairness I was not able to listen to the complete morning show.  The Little Man was sick, crying and I was listening while driving to and from the doctors and pharmacy.  I was made aware that many of the “happy the kids were going back to school” comments from parents were because the kids were bored.  (This is something else as homeschoolers we don’t understand; there very rarely is any boredom at our house.  If one of my children tells me they are bored I can always find a chore or extra school work for them to do.  The response is usually, “no, I can go read or play something”; even my 17 year old will pull out a book, board games or Lego to occupy his time.)  I was also made aware that the crew of the morning show prayed and offered encouragement to homeschooling families as well (something I obviously missed).

I truly appreciate the Christian radio station in our area because I know other areas of the world do not have this luxury.  Maybe I was a little over sensitive yesterday morning, took things out of context and spoke without having a compete picture.  I was not trying to judge, I was merely expressing my feelings of isolation in view points and sadness at the comments made by parents and kids alike.  I know that most all parents love their children completely and when push comes to shove they want to spend time with them.  And, that kids love their parents.  It just seems to me in today’s society we have so many things pulling the family apart that, given the opportunity there should be as much encouragement for not only quality family time but also quantity of family time.  In the end our relationships with God and our family (friends included) are all that really matter.  Our love for each other and outward expression of that love is so important to sharing the light of Christ and the gospel in my opinion.

I do really love Z88.3, that’s why I have their link in “my favorite links” on my home page.  I did not mean anything derogatory towards them in my post yesterday.  I apologize if it came across that way.


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