My Tinkle is Happy, Disobedience or Denial?

(Warning:  this post discusses bodily functions, potty training, and body parts.)

I have five children.  The oldest is 17 and from what I can remember most of them, except The Little Man, potty trained fairly easy.  There were a few hiccups with The Organized Child, and The Middle Child took a bit longer than the others in certain areas of potty training, but for the most part all were done by no later than 2 ½ .  Then there is The Little Man!  The Little Man is 3 years and four months old.  He is not potty trained!  He has no interest in potty training!  I am at my wits end with this child!  If you ask him “When?!” he replies “When potty?”  “Yes!  When potty?!”  He replies “NO!”

This child is perfectly happy to wear a diaper or a pull-up if he absolutely must but he prefers his Mickey diapers.

Forget the fact that I’m just tired of buying and changing diapers, The Little Man, despite his name is a BIG kid!  He is in the 90th percentile for his height and the 75th for his weight.  He wears a 4T and sometimes a 5T.  Diapers and pull-ups just don’t fit him any more!  At the rate we’re going, if he doesn’t potty train soon, I’m going to have to buy him Depends!
We have tried everything to get this child to use the toilet!  I’ve rewarded, threatened, cajoled, and bribed .  While he’s gone a handful of times in the toilet, nothing is long lived.  His father and brother have taken him into the bathroom with them (not all three together) and shot Cheerio’s, actually peed on them in the toilet, GROSS!  (Who knew, just one more versatile thing you can do with Cheerio’s.)  Still he is not interested in using the toilet.  I’m at a complete loss!

He is old enough to go and hide while he poops.  Then when he’s done, he goes and gets the wipes, a new diaper, the changing pad to lie on, and a bag to throw the poopie diaper away in.  He then proceeds to lie down and yell “Change my poop!”  Now, as a homeschooling mother of five and caregiver to my 2 year old niece (most week days), I don’t have a lot of free time.  I’m usually engaged in some activity all day long.  Therefore, I do not immediately jump up to change this child’s diaper!  I take a few minutes to get to him, in hopes that he will be uncomfortable enough to want to use the bathroom!  As I change him, the classic conversation begins again “When Bud?”  “When potty?”  “Yes, when potty?”  “NO!”

The pediatrician suggested that we tell The Little Man that his pee pee and poo poo aren’t happy in the diaper, they are happy in the potty.  So as I was changing him one day, the conversation began again, “When Bud?”  When potty?”  “Yes, when potty?”  “NO!”  “But remember Dr. N. says that your pee pee and poo poo aren’t happy in your diaper, their happy in the potty.  You’re a big boy now, big boys use the potty.”  He looks up at me with an angelic grin; aha, I think, I’m getting through to him!  He replies “No!  But my tinkle’s happy!”  (Tinkle is the word used in our house for your private part.)  Trying not to laugh I think to myself is this kid in denial or just stubborn and disobedient?!

Then I wonder if God feels that way about me.  Am I stubborn and disobedient, or in denial about things that He’s trying to get me to do.  Are there behaviors He wants me to change?  Does He look at me and say “When Angela?”  Do I completely ignore Him, and go on my merry way, seemingly happy to be doing what I’m doing?  Doesn’t The Little Man know how great it will feel to be dry, and have a poop free bottom?  Maybe God is thinking the same thing about me.  Don’t you know you wouldn’t (fill in the blank), if you would just (fill in the blank)?  I wonder, what am I missing out on because I’m too stubborn to change my ways, or too disobedient, “I want it my way”, or I’m just in denial, “things aren’t that bad”.  I wonder if I’m sitting in poop, thinking my tinkle’s happy too!


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